Stylish cottage
U Huberta for summer and winter

In the picturesque village Petříkovice in the Giant Mountains you will find a great place for your holiday with your family, children or friends. U Huberta is a stylish cottage with a capacity for 8 people.

Accommodation in the cottage is ideal for all seasons from spring to winter and there are plenty of interesting places nearby. You can park right next to the cottage and if you are looking for a holiday with a dog, you are in the right place.

Relax and holiday
at U Huberta

Outdoor pool, infrared sauna

Outdoor pool,infrared sauna

Cottage U Huberta is a great place to rest and relax. It offers an outdoor pool with a diameter of two meters and an outdoor infrared sauna.

Outdoor skittles, tennis court

Outdoor skittles,tennis court

In summer, when weather is nice, the cottage offers an outdoor playground, tennis court, skittles and under adverse weather covered outdoor seating or inside a common room with a fireplace.

Outdoor seating, common room with fireplace

Outdoor seating,common room with fireplace

Cottage U Huberta offers outdoor covered seating or a common room with fireplace.



Sitting area with grill

Sitting area
with grill

Holiday with a dog

Holiday with
a dog



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