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Adršpach-Teplice Rocks

The Adršpach and Teplice rocks are separated by 7 km long canyon of the Wolf Gorge. In the rock town Adršpach you can see up to 90 meters high rock towers, deep gorges, waterfall or 2 lakes.

Grandma′s Valley

Grandma′s Valley is a popular excursion place in Eastern Bohemia. The writer Božena Němcová placed the plot of her book Grandmother in this place. Grandma′s Valley is located in nearby Česká Skalice and visiting this location will definitely not be disappoint for you.

Military fortresses

We are located in the borderlands and that is why there are a lot of military bunkers and fortresses around us. Some abandoned ones you can see if you go up the hill in Petříkovice or we have some tips for you within a few kilometers to see other bunkers, which are maintained and after reconstruction. Among the most important in our region are the Stachelberg Artillery Fortress (Babí near Trutnov) or the Dobrošov Fortress near Náchod.

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